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The Full Story

The Process and How It Works

With every client we hope to mirror how our first interaction with a stranger that turned a transaction into a mission of poetry.

Shane Fischer, the old soul that he is, purchased a typewriter from a woman he had never met. Upon picking up the nostalgic machine, she informed him that it was her father's personal typewriter. At this point, Shane felt both an opportunity and obligation to write something in his memory. He asked for the father's biographical information from which he constructed the first Ink Knell poem. Staying true to that form, we hope the process can be as organic and personable as possible.

Step 1: Interview Process

Once it has been decided to create a personalized poem, we schedule a time to discuss the subject and sentiment of the writing. We garner any and all information willing to be shared. Any subsequent or forgotten strands can always be sent to us later. YOU may answer our questions at your comfort; we are simply trying to know the subject as well as possible.

Step 2: Drafting and Collaboration

We start constructing the poem based on the information given us and the tone/occasion it is meant for. YOU will be contacted in each step of the drafting process for feedback and critique to make the strongest impression. The rough draft will be approved by YOU before it is finished.

Step 3: Polished and Presented

YOU will receive the original final draft typewritten and sealed as well as a digital copy to make additional prints. There are various options for presentation available. Please check our products page to add anything to your service.


Enjoy and thank you for allowing us to share in your life.

Please feel free to tell us about your experience, we appreciate your words.



We believe in the force of words to define what is most meaningful in our lives. Without words to describe them, those moments cannot be carried farther than a memory. We want your life and of those you love recorded in the same way as your favorite song or your best dream.



Time rarely bends to our will, so we must be deliberate in preserving our stories. Those that are reluctant to do so will be forgotten. Ink Knell wishes to be that scribe for those individuals and communities without the means to put them down. We continue our work in these areas; veterans, hospice, funeral homes, schools, small towns, churches, etc. To reach more people, we always accept donations for those who cannot afford the service. If you are interested please contact us directly. Thank you.

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