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Ink Knell

By S. L. Fischer

A life remembered is a life fulfilled.

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We believe
in what poetry can do.

Language plays one of the most important roles in our lives. Communication and expression are how we understand the world. Words matter. Poetry creates a depth with those words so that it reflects the relationships we have with the world and those in it. What we write is not poetry for its own sake, but as a companion and keepsake for others.

Ink Knell is a service that focuses on commemorative poetry, memorial writing, and celebrates the moments and people that define our lives.

We use an interview process to gather as much information about your subject as possible and from that, we make a unique work of art.

While we provide work for memorials, we also provide for other occasions as well such as weddings, vows, birthdays, reunions, anniversaries, etc.

View our samples under our services tab.

Contact us with details about what you need and let us create together.

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Our Tales

The stories of our heart

Withheld and silent no more

Find their voice in ink

Find their worth among words

Sung sweet and high

By the love of others

The love of ourselves

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