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What is
Ink Knell?

Our Service

Ink Knell takes the raw resources of memories, relationships, and life events concentrating them into poetry unique to that individual. Words are the connective tissue in our most celebrated occasions:




-everything in between.

Simply put, it is fulfilling a life by remembering it the right way for you.


I received the most delightful gift for Christmas.  A friend had given Shane a few descriptive words that characterized me and he turned those words into a beautiful, powerful poem.  It was such a personal, moving gift.  Shane is a talented poet and I would highly recommend him should you want to give a personal, meaningful gift to someone special.

Client, Winter 2022

Absolutely exquisite. It once in a lifetime gift that is different for everyone and made uniquely for each person. It is a gift lasts a lifetime and is memorable not only for the person receiving the gift but for the person going through the process of gifting it. Thank you for not only a gift but a memory to cherish forever.


Client, Spring 2021

Being able to give the heartfelt, intentional, and unique gift of poetry to coworkers over the holidays was such a joy.  Shane's talent of bringing words together to tell an individual story that captures the essence and dreams of a person is a spiritual talent indeed.  My coworkers were pleasantly surprised when they received their poems and excited to share the words written about them with everyone else.  The gift of poetry transcends any material object that can be lost, used up, or given away.  This gift melds into ones heart and spirit and stays with them for ever.


I highly recommend Shane's talents for any opportunity to give a gift of poetry - for birthdays, holidays, weddings, or just because it is a rainy day.

Client, Winter 2021


Shane Fischer has always had an attraction to the art of words especially what they can mean to us.

Being the youngest in a large family, he realized early that people must be deliberate in preserving and continuing the memory of their lives.

Just as the right words can call us to action or surface our emotions; so to, poetry is the package for those words to impact us the most.


Ink Knell began as a way to solve the impersonality that often occurs with "end of life" celebrations.

Shane had often been disappointed with the dull commemorations that fail to touch the vibrancy of his loved ones.

After writing only a few personalized obituaries, he realized that this service was universal to every occasion of life. Poetry bridges the gap between record and story, between our time and the existence filled within.

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